On Thursday, I joined the many others who gathered at Porter Loring mortuary to mourn the death of San Antonio firefighter Scott Deem. As I sat quietly in a pew, reflecting on Scott’s sacrifice and the hard choices made on May 18, I caught bits and pieces of the conversations happening all around me. I heard sadness. I heard pain. But I also heard a celebration of life and of the courage of all those who don a uniform to protect us. Few can imagine a job whose core requirement is the fortitude to stare death in the face over and over again. Yet that’s exactly what first responders do. When others are running from danger, these brave men and women race towards it. 


Over the course of my campaign, I have come to know many firefighters and police officers, and I have been honored to win the support of their unions. But as San Antonians, we are all honored, each and every day, by their service. In return, we should honor them.


Firefighter Deem leaves behind a young family, and two other firefighters, Brad Phipps and Robert Vasquez, were injured in the blaze. All need our support. If you can, please contribute to the Scott Deem Memorial Account and the Brad Phipps and Robert Vasquez Benefit Account (links), the firefighters’ recommended support funds.