Policy is the core of public office. With his background in law, experience in business and government, and exposure to the best ideas from across the country, Michael is a uniquely qualified public policy leader for District 1—and innovator for San Antonio.

Priorities In a Nutshell

  • To advocate every day for the swift and capable provision of basic City services to you and your family. If you tell Michael something is wrong, he will listen, and he will immediately work to fix it.
  • To reform city government in the spirit of transparency, accountability, and innovation. Governance should be about making life better for everyone—not just insiders.
  • To create shared prosperity for San Antonio through smarter public policy. The highest calling of government is to strengthen community bonds and advance the common good.


Streets, Services, and Safety

You are entitled to responsive, competent government. Michael will always make advocating for your fair share of infrastructure, services, and safety his first priority. Putting public dollars to work filling potholes, controlling flooding, fixing sidewalks, maintaining foliage, removing graffiti, and quickening public safety response times will always be priority one. These are the basics of local government, and Michael will work with the City, County, and State to ensure that their obligations to you are met.

Respecting Our Elders

Too often, senior citizens are overlooked. Michael will work tirelessly to ensure that older San Antonians have the resources they need to live safely and with dignity.

Responsible Development

Residents and property developers should work together with the City to develop a simplified construction regime that protects community character yet provides business predictability.

Community Transit

San Antonians should have the freedom to enjoy a linked web of options to drive, walk, bike, and ride. Michael will work with public and private partners to close current transportation gaps.

Green Space for All

Public parks should be public parks. Michael will end the privatization of green space, refocusing the City on smart development that makes park-adjacent businesses vibrant.

Digital Equity

High-speed public internet and coding and design education should be available to all children so that struggling communities have the technical foundation to close the achievement gap.

Equality for Women and Girls

Women constitute more than half of San Antonio’s population, yet they earn a third less than men. Michael will help build an inclusive economy that ensures equal opportunity for women.

Open Government

Michael will fight to close the democracy deficit, create transformative government transparency, and open the floodgates of public data to citizen watchdogs and private businesses alike.

Civic Innovation

Michael will create an Office of Civic Innovation to act as an in-house laboratory that partners with the technology sector to modernize government.

Global City, Regional Vision

The San Antonio–Austin metroplex is poised for global prominence, and Michael will work with regional partners to ensure an integrated and equitable growth management strategy for all.


Global warming and population growth pose serious local environmental challenges. Michael will push government to make smart investments in sustainability to protect our shared future.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
— Albert Einstein

Say yes to smart policy.